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Be your own boss

March 11th, 2011

This is an interesting article about selling your house in a tough real estate market. There is some good advice there. However, I take issue with one of the comments that was made about pricing your new listing. The comment is that basically if you price too high, you won’t sell because the “original price will stick in agents’ heads” preventing them from showing your house in the future even if you drop the price later. That is simply and utterly false. No agent is going to remember your house, let alone what it was listed for last week. Sure, they can check, but it just doesn’t matter. It is true that if you are listed too high, you won’t get showings. However, when it comes to pricing your house, be realistic but be your own boss. Your agent is a valuable tool to help you sell your house, but realize that he or she doesn’t really work for you, agents work for the deal. They want to sell your house quickly to collect a commission, not necessarily for top dollar. Sure, they get a few extra bucks for a good sale price, but a quick sale is more important – for the agent.  You need to make the right pricing decision for yourself – one that balances time and money (they are inversely correlated). But if you do make a mistake and price too high, have no fear, dropping your price is an easy fix. Make your own decisions, ask your agent for advice, but look out for your own interests.