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6 Sure-fire Signs of a Great Landlord

  • March 8, 2022
  • Property Manager
  • Category: Property Management

You are close to finding the ideal apartment or rental house. It’s near-perfect:

  • It’s close to the school district.
  • It has the right amenities.
  • It only costs a fair rental.

There is one problem. You met the landlord, and he is an annoying jerk. It’s his road or the highway. The question is: Should you ignore this area and continue looking? Or should you swallow your pride and try to find the best?

Renters claim to have been the landlord of all evil. We’ve all heard them. Is there a way to find a great landlord?

The answer is yes. And there are six secrets to it. These secrets are crucial to happiness in finding your new rental home.

  • Your Landlord Professionally Interacts With You

Although it may not be the most important thing in your head, when you take a look at a rental unit for the first time, you want to find a good listener and not a salesman. So these are the questions you should ask:

  1. Are you able to get a response from the leasing agent when you call, text or email about the apartment?
  2. Are they truly listening and trying to understand your needs?

Renting from a management company that truly cares about you as a customer and future resident is a good idea. Pay attention to the quality of the agent’s listening skills when you visit the community. You can tell them about your interests, hobbies, and pastimes.

A professional leasing agent will review your information and make recommendations regarding the apartment’s features. The best leasing agents will be honest with you and work with you to find the right fit.

Management companies that are the best will make you feel more comfortable in your home. In addition, they will take the time to thank their customers, as any business should.

  • Your Landlords Listen To Your Questions and Answers

Although it may sound easy, it is essential to ask your landlord questions. You will be on the right track if your landlord answers your questions honestly and doesn’t try to hide them. It’s important to know who the owner and manager of an apartment are before you apply for a place to live.

A landlord may hire a property manager to manage the rental. You should ask the following questions if your landlord is also the sole owner:

  1. What is the average tenure of ownership?
  2. How has the price of rental changed over time?

If rental prices frequently fluctuate from low to high, it could indicate that the owner is more interested in finding tenants that are willing to pay the rent than in finding quality tenants. It could be a red flag if they refuse to give this information. You can request it from the state government.

  • Your Landlord Provides Good Customer Service

A contract or lease is a business agreement between your company and you. Their staff should be proud of providing a great customer experience, just like in any other industry. You, the customer, expect pleasant interactions from their staff when you need repairs, inspections, or maintenance.

Good landlords will always ask permission to enter your home when you’re not there. They will also request a convenient time and will do their best to accommodate you. They will communicate clearly and concisely with you about their access request. They will inform you if the problem has been resolved, awaiting parts, and how they got there.

  • Your Landlord Wants to Know About You

After you have done your research, you are ready to submit the application. Remember that the application is a reflection of the landlord. If the landlord only cares about your name and telephone number, you should be worried.

The landlord should know as much as possible about you. A landlord will need to have as much information about you as possible when considering all potential tenants for the apartment. If a landlord has made a large investment in the apartment building, they will want to find good tenants to protect their money. They will want to know about your:

  1. Monthly salary
  2. History of employment
  3. History of rental
  4. Rental reference letter

You should be required to complete a detailed application. It shows they care about the people living in the building. That’s the kind of landlord you want.

The landlord will review your application once you have submitted it. The landlord will review all your personal information, including contact information for your employer and any references. Ask your references to tell you if the landlord has reached out to them. If they have, that’s a good sign. It shows that the landlord is serious about the whole process.

  • Your Landlords Communication is Clear & Effective

Renting your home means that you are responsible for maintaining it. Therefore, when you visit the apartment, ask the Leasing Agent these questions about maintenance:

  1. What is the process?
  2. What is the timeline for maintenance requests?
  3. They will communicate the timelines for planned repairs and maintenances, as well as fire alarm testing. With reasonable notice
  4. Are they available for 24/7 emergency maintenance?

Although no one can predict an emergency, it is important to be aware of planned events such as closing off a parking area, annual testing of an emergency system like fire alarms, or window washing.

Good landlords will respond quickly to any concerns or unsafe conditions in your home. A good landlord will follow up on repairs to ensure you feel safe and secure in your home again.

  • Your Landlord is Honest & Can Be Trusted

Talk to your property manager or leasing agent when you are looking for a new apartment. You should get to know your leasing agent and property manager and let them know about you. Trust your gut instincts about whether it is a good match. It’s not worth the effort to find the perfect apartment if you have to move every weekend or listen to power drills in your spare time.