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Be A Pro Landlord: 7 Must-Follow Property Management Blogs in 2024

  • January 31, 2024
  • James Beeson
  • Category: Property Management

When managing properties, you will agree that a challenge is waiting for you every day. From ensuring tenants fulfill their rent obligations to finding a new tenant when the old tenant departs and facing any disputes with one of your tenants, the tasks involved in property management can be time-consuming and sometimes tricky to go through without the proper knowledge at your disposal. Fortunately, the internet has become a valuable resource, offering a wealth of information to landlords seeking to streamline and optimize management practices for their property portfolios. Having access to the proper knowledge can provide valuable insights.

Online property management blogs, in particular, can serve as a valuable source, offering information on a variety of topics such as:

  • Comprehensive guides, which are especially beneficial for those just starting.
  • In-depth articles covering laws and current rules specific to your state.
  • The latest news in the field.
  • Downloadable resources, including templates and forms.

However, with the abundance of options, determining which blogs are worth following might take time and effort. If you find yourself at a crossroads, trying to figure out where to discover the information necessary for practical and aligned property management, here are seven property management blogs that every landlord should consider reading.

How To Choose The Best Property Management Blogs Which All The Market Leaders Read?

Not all blogs are created equal with the same effort, research, and expertise. However, the right ones picked and read by the most prominent names to stay at the front of the market have certain traits that make them particularly worthwhile. As a landlord seeking comprehensive insights into property management, there is a plethora of information at your disposal. Here, we outline the characteristics that will assist you in identifying blogs that offer the utmost value.

  • Should Have Visuals and Data-Backed Findings

When looking for exciting and educational information, give special attention to blogs that feature informative examples of customer service that are enhanced with images, videos, and charts. A blog that includes these extras offers readers a more comprehensive understanding of the topic, which improves the entire reading experience. Incorporating relevant charts and statistics facilitates comprehension by providing a more precise visual picture of the content.

A human touch is added by customer service anecdotes, which enables readers to relate to the text emotionally. Graphs and charts offer a visual story that makes challenging ideas easier to understand and makes essential points more straightforward. When used carefully, images and videos give the story a dynamic element that makes it exciting and educational.

  • Content Should be User-Friendly

Efficient content navigation is critical. Readers should be aware of information unrelated to their initial query or search. Consequently, top-performing blogs prioritize the reader’s time and cut to the chase.

Organizing content into easily digestible topics facilitates landlords in navigating and retaining the specific information they seek. Furthermore, seasoned readers avoid blogs flooded with ads or incessant pop-ups.

  • Top-notch Content is Deal-Breaker

An exceptional blog addresses the pressing queries of every landlord. These insightful choices leverage industry expertise to give readers valuable tips, guidance, and advice. This empowers them to refine their research and implement practical tactics in managing their own rental property business.

  • Consistent Publication of Updated Content

Keeping pace with the current property management trends, especially with the emergence of AI trends, requires a blog that consistently publishes fresh content. Such regular updates provide landlords with enduring value. An actively updated blog ensures you receive the latest information regarding requirements, laws, and other pertinent changes over time.

Therefore, updating content for a blog is just as crucial as publishing new material. Opt for blogs that post at least once a week; you may even discover some that share new content daily or more frequently.

7 Best Property Management Blogs To Follow Right Now In 2024!

We’ve evaluated most of the blogs to point out the finest property management blogs, sparing you the effort. Some of these blogs teach you about compelling current events, simplifying the task of staying abreast of the latest changes. Others offer invaluable guides and how-to content, covering a spectrum of topics crucial for both landlords and property managers.

Best Property Management Blogs

Here, we present the top 7 property management blogs for landlords:

1.   BiggerPockets

For those seeking information on real estate investing, personal finance, marketing strategies, or mastering the art of successful business, the BiggerPockets Blog offers a rich repository for your reading pleasure. This platform frequently addresses tenant issues and provides valuable guidance on how landlords can handle them, a crucial aspect in simplifying the landlord’s role.

Notably, the blog emphasizes real estate investing, catering to savvy professionals searching for the next valuable tip to expand their property portfolios. Staying informed about the latest news, including legislative updates impacting landlords, is another key strength of this site.

Best Property Management Blogs - BiggerPockets

Despite its valuable content, it’s fair to note that the blog needs more optimal organization. The search feature may not be the most user-friendly, but attentive users will find filters to enhance their experience. Notably, the blog remains a beneficial resource. For instance, if you wish to connect with other landlords or investors in your locality, the Network section provides access to a robust member base exceeding 1 million individuals. Additionally, you can explore local real estate events, find reputable contractors, watch videos, attend webinars, and even peruse the blog’s store for purchasing books on diverse real estate topics.

Standout Features of BiggerPockets Blog:

  • Written by Industry Experts

The BiggerPockets blog is a valuable repository of real estate – an industry expert writes each blog. It is also why all the articles are in-depth and rich in content. All the respected publications such as FoxNews, Forbes, The Street, CNBC, and Money unanimously endorse BiggerPockets as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking success in the real estate industry.

  • Valuable Free Resources

BiggerPockets provides a plethora of free resources that prove immensely beneficial. Many investors kickstart their journey with the BiggerPockets podcast, which offers blogs, downloadable guides, and webinars. This avenue grants the freedom to learn through weekly interviews, with thousands of episodes available, ensuring you can handle the content volume.

  • Comprehensive Educational Platform

The platform doesn’t just offer numerous opportunities; it also serves as an educational hub with resources like forums, podcasts, blogs, and a beginner’s guide available for download.

Additionally, the BiggerPockets bookstore features real estate literature under its label. You’ll discover titles such as Managing Rentals, Flipping Houses, Tax Strategies, Raising Private Capital, Funding Deals, Finding Deals, and more on the shelves.

2.   Rental Housing Journal

The RHJ is a dedicated business journal explicitly tailored for the rental sector, offering abundant, invaluable information on current events. Boasting a wealth of high-quality, data-driven pieces, it is a go-to resource for actionable insights in the ever-evolving rental housing industry.

This journal, featured by top-tier real estate investors, industry experts, and multifamily executives, is a treasure trove of best practices, trends, and news of the current real estate market. The editorial team at RHJ, comprised of seasoned professionals, shares expertise on property management, maintenance tips, regulatory updates, and more. From DIY landlord advice to understanding landlord-tenant laws, RHJ provides a multifaceted platform catering to diverse aspects of the real estate and rental industry.

Best Property Management Blogs - Rental Housing Journal

Overall, RHJ stands out as a beacon of knowledge, consistently sharing expertise multiple times a week through in-depth blogs backed by data, resources, and images to help you better understand the complexities. The commitment to providing relevant news and practical advice reflects RHJ’s dedication to supporting landlords, bridging the gap between experience and current issues. RHJ remains a trusted resource for valuable information on recent market trends.

Standout Features of RHJ Blog:

  • Comprehensive Industry Insights:

The RHJ differentiates itself because it provides a comprehensive overview of the rental housing market in America. The blog regularly addresses the problems landlords and property managers encounter and markets itself as a solution resource.

It is committed to serving its audience and offering valuable solutions to the common problems in the dynamic administration of rental properties. It is a service journalism that prioritizes the consumer.

  • Diverse and Expert Contributors:

The wide range of authors on the RHJ blog is an exciting aspect. The site offers a diverse examination of subjects by featuring real estate investors, journalists, long-term landlords, and industry professionals. This diversity enhances the content, providing readers with various viewpoints and thoughts.

Staff editorials, guest posts from prominent real estate investors, and multifamily executive contributions turn the site into a knowledge base that blends real-world information, business acumen, and journalistic understanding.

  • Comprehensive Coverage Across Real Estate Domains:

The RHJ blog sets itself apart by offering a wide variety of information that covers all facets of the real estate and property management industries.

The blog has become a go-to resource for professionals and fans, covering everything from investment methods and apartment management to technology developments, marketing plans, legal considerations, and advice on career growth. Its comprehensive coverage guarantees readers will discover pertinent and helpful information, making it an invaluable tool for investors, maintenance staff, landlords, and property managers.

3.   Buildium

The Buildium blog extends beyond being an award-winning solution for property management, serving as a knowledge hub with a weekly roundup of industry-breaking news, emerging trends, and insightful surveys. Beyond simplifying property management, it offers users a valuable resource covering changes in state laws, taxes, and more, making it an indispensable tool for property professionals.

As a landlord, you can dive into the blog to discover a wealth of insights for becoming a more productive property manager. It includes practical business operations, real-life customer stories, industry research, and resident experience enhancement. Tenants can benefit from valuable tips, while property managers gain updates on real estate markets nationwide. Buildium’s blog stands out for its multifaceted approach, providing a comprehensive and informative platform for those looking for valuable data-driven content.

Standout Features of Buildium Blog:

  • Stays on Top of Emerging Trends:

 Buildium blogs take the lead in exploring and writing new and innovative solutions tailored to emerging trends in the property management industry. The blog ensures users stay ahead of the curve, from virtual tours and AI-powered maintenance prediction to tenant engagement platforms.

With the help of information about these cutting-edge technologies, readers can explore the potential benefits of their operations, promoting a proactive approach to industry evolution and technological integration.

  • Focused on Streamlined Workflows & Automation:

At the core of Buildium’s blog lies a dedication to efficiency through technology. It guides property managers in utilizing tools for streamlined workflows and automation. Expect insightful content on online rent collection, automated maintenance scheduling, and innovative tenant communication tools.

By advocating for technological integration, the blog empowers professionals to optimize their processes, ultimately saving time.

  • Data-Rich:

Buildium’s commitment to data-driven insights sets it apart in property management. Leveraging its extensive data pool, the blog delivers nuanced analyses of the rental market, offering valuable information on vacancy rates, rent growth, and tenant behavior. Users can benchmark their property’s performance against industry standards, gaining actionable insights for enhancement.

Buildium’s blogs stand out for their data richness, underpinned by the platform’s proprietary research on market trends. Backed by Buildium’s research, these data-rich articles are trusted by reputable sites and platforms. The blog serves as an informative resource and a reliable reference, reflecting Buildium’s authority in providing accurate and valuable insights into the ever-evolving duties of property management.

4.   Forbes Real Estate Council

Forbes is likely already on your radar for real estate and business-related wisdom. However, if you have yet to read the articles from Forbes’ library of information, you’re missing out. These blogs feature a select group of industry experts offering insights into the intricacies of investing and managing real estate. The council is home to the voices of senior-level executives in the real estate industry, making it a prime source for advice from the best in the business. As a bonus, exploring these posts can lead you to discover new favorite investors and industry experts, who you can follow separately on their personal or business blogs.

With a frequency of multiple articles a day, this invitation-only, fee-based organization is exclusively for senior-level executives in the industry. Rest assured, you’ll receive property management advice from the top echelons of the field. Know the ins and outs of property management and real estate investing with this insider insight.

Standout Features of Forbes Blog:

  • Exclusive Access to Industry Experts:

This blog is a fee-based, invitation-only organization exclusively catering to senior-level executives in the real estate industry. The exclusivity ensures that the content is curated by top-tier professionals, providing readers with unparalleled access to insights, tips, and advice from the very best in the business.

The articles become a valuable resource for property managers seeking guidance from seasoned industry leaders, enhancing the quality and credibility of the information.

  • Diverse Range of Topics and Expertise:

The blog distinguishes itself by covering a broad spectrum of real estate topics. From industry news and market trends to more generic yet crucial subjects like asset diversification and property assessments, the blog comprehensively explores investing and managing real estate.

The diversified content ensures readers receive a well-rounded education on various aspects of the real estate industry, making it a go-to source for novice and experienced property professionals.

  • Free Access to Premium Content:

While the blog operates on a fee-based and invitation-only model, its blog provides a generous offering of some informative and engaging articles free of charge. This democratization of knowledge allows property managers outside the exclusive community to access the latest insights without any financial barriers.

By making valuable content accessible to a wider audience, Forbes contributes to the broader dissemination of industry expertise, benefiting property managers and real estate enthusiasts.

5.   Multifamily Executive

For a captivating reading experience, consider visiting Multifamily Executive, a blog that caters to landlords with articles covering many business and finance topics. Beyond the financial aspects, this blog goes into crucial elements of modern property management, including development and design, demographics, and technology related to renting trends. Highlighting how ongoing industry shifts continually influence property management, this blog delivers information vital for landlords in today’s competitive real estate market. Whether it’s staying informed about the latest trends in student housing, preparing for potential challenges like wildfires near your properties, or streamlining the process of obtaining construction permits, Multifamily Executive has you covered.

Multifamily Executive is likely a familiar name, but if you still need to explore their property management blog, consider it the BBC of housing and real estate news. You can access the latest real estate market news updates, executive leadership developments, and industry demographic information here.

Although the articles are primarily geared toward multifamily investors, it’s important to note that the diverse subjects and voices make the content highly beneficial for all types of property managers. The blog also provides a wealth of updated information on some of the best tech practices and tips applicable to apartment communities.

Standout Features of Multifamily Executive Blog:

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Industry Trends:

Multifamily Executive stands out for its extensive coverage of the latest trends impacting the property management industry.

The blog provides a holistic view of the multifamily, from marketing strategies and rent trends to insights on apartment living, resident demographics, and ORA rankings. This comprehensive approach ensures that property managers and investors can stay well-informed about various aspects crucial to their operations.

  • Focus on Property Management Technology:

A standout feature of Multifamily Executive is its specialization in delivering the latest news and insights on property management technology. Recognizing the importance of staying technologically competitive in the real estate market, the blog is a valuable resource for property managers seeking information on cutting-edge technologies that can give their rental properties a competitive edge.

This focus positions the blog as a go-to destination for those looking to enhance their property management practices through technological innovation.

  • Top-Tier Content on Multifamily Property Investing:

While lacking in blog design and user-friendliness, Multifamily Executive compensates with top-tier content geared towards multifamily property investing. Despite design limitations, the blog ensures readers access high-quality insights and information relevant to the multifamily real estate sector.

This commitment to delivering valuable content establishes Multifamily Executive as a reliable source for professionals looking to steer through the complexities of multifamily property investment successfully.

6.   Landlordology

Covering a wide range of landlord and rental management needs, the Landlordology blog from Cozy is a valuable resource for investors and real estate enthusiasts. Articles by Landlordology offer critical aspects such as tenant screening, rental maintenance, preparing practical leases, deposit handling, and selecting the best insurance. Landlordology offers easily readable step-by-step guides for standard landlord practices, ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws. It has become a trusted source for comprehensive answers to various questions in real estate.

This free blog provides exceptionally helpful and updated information about rental laws, aiding property managers in staying abreast of landlord-tenant laws specific to their state. Overall, With a mission to simplify the rental process, the Landlordology blog offers detailed articles on topics ranging from rental regulations to practical tips. It’s a go-to resource for those seeking informed insights!

Standout Features of Landlordology Blog:

  • Comprehensive Landlord Resource:

Landlordology shines as a thorough resource catering to landlords, covering various topics essential for property management. The blog provides valuable and pertinent information from property management and real estate investing to tenant screening, insurance, leases, maintenance, rent, expenses, security deposits, and taxes.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that landlords can find valuable insights and guidance on various responsibilities, making it a one-stop destination for addressing the complexities of being a landlord.

  • Interactive State Rental Law Map:

A standout feature of Landlordology is its Interactive State Rental Law Map, offering an at-a-glance summary of legal rights for landlords in each of the 50 states. This interactive tool provides quick access to crucial information related to security deposits, late fees, rental due dates, rent increase notices, termination of tenancy, move-out inspections, entry notices, and more.

The map is an invaluable resource, helping property managers stay up-to-date with the landlord-tenant laws applicable to their state and enhancing legal compliance and informed decision-making.

  • Detailed Explanations and Step-by-Step Instructions:

Landlordology distinguishes itself by offering not just information but detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions on dealing with the challenges and obligations of being a landlord. This feature ensures that the blog is informative and actionable, providing practical guidance for landlords stuck in the complexities of property management.

Whether it’s legal considerations, financial aspects, or daily operations, Landlordology’s commitment to clarity and guidance makes it a standout resource for landlords seeking knowledge and actionable insights.

7.   SparkRental

Brian Davis and his partner, Deni, established SparkRental with a straightforward mission: to assist 5,000 individuals in reaching $5,000 per month in passive real estate income. A crucial part of realizing this goal is their blog, where they consistently share valuable insights, posting multiple times each month to educate all those eager to be future-ready with the trends.

Most of their posts are thorough and packed with practical information, offering many tips and tricks of the trade. This blog leans towards the financial aspects, providing valuable guidance for landlords aiming to enhance their business.

Initially launched as a free educational resource, SparkRental has evolved to offer automated rent collection, editable lease agreements, free tenant screening reports for landlords, a complimentary rental application, and premium online courses tailored for landlords.

While their blog covers articles on many topics, it needs a robust organizational structure and a filtering system in place. Manual searching is required to find the articles from older entries. However, at the bottom of the site, you’ll find a few suggested starting points to guide you through the wealth of information.

Standout Features of SparkRental Blog:

  • Financial Focus for Landlords:

SparkRental’s blog stands out for its unique emphasis on the financial aspect of being a landlord. With a wealth of content on funding, loans, and the overarching goal of helping landlords achieve financial independence, the blog provides a specialized perspective on the economic facets of property management.

This focus adds a distinct dimension to the landlord’s toolkit, offering insights only sometimes covered extensively on other platforms. It is an invaluable resource for those looking to bolster their financial strategies in the real estate industry.

  • Automation Application:

A standout feature of SparkRental is its provision of an application designed to automate rentals for landlords. This tool enhances efficiency in managing rental properties and streamlines processes for both landlords and tenants.

The blog’s commitment to providing practical solutions extends beyond content, offering a tangible resource that aligns with modern property management needs. This automation application sets SparkRental apart, showcasing its commitment to incorporating technology for the benefit of landlords.

  • Interactive and Comprehensive Resource Section:

SparkRental’s blog impresses with its interactivity and a comprehensive resource section that goes beyond traditional content. Landlords can find valuable information on effectively screening prospective tenants, utilizing the best property management and accounting software, and much more.

This extensive resource section transforms the blog into a go-to destination for landlords seeking practical guidance and tools to bypass the challenges of property management. The interactive nature ensures ease of access, making it a versatile and user-friendly resource for landlords aiming to build successful and financially sound rental property portfolios.

8.   Property Management Insider (Bonus Point)

Property Management Insider (PMI) is an exceptionally professional and comprehensive blog providing the latest industry insights that every landlord should regularly explore. PMI holds a well-respected position within the property management industry, focusing on revenue management, property management, apartment marketing, and expense management. Geared towards simplifying the responsibilities of landlords and property managers, numerous articles focus on leveraging the latest software and technology to streamline daily tasks. This includes guidance on utilizing spreadsheets effectively for tracking various aspects and employing mobile technology for expedited rent payments, daily operations, and other pertinent topics.

As an added perk, PMI offers a treasure trove of helpful articles covering critical subjects such as Fair Housing ordinances, the Disabilities Act, and even insights on generating additional income by incorporating automated vending machines into apartment complexes. Whether tackling technological advancements or understanding critical legal considerations, PMI is a blog with significant value for today’s modern landlords.

Standout Features of PMI Blog:

  • Wide Range of Topics for Landlords and Property Managers:

Property Management Insider offers a comprehensive array of topics, catering to landlords and property managers. Whether seeking data-driven insights or marketing tips, the blog provides information relevant to the real estate investing industry. This versatility ensures that readers can find valuable content spanning various aspects of property management, making it a go-to resource for professionals in the field.

  • Multifaceted Coverage of Multifamily News:

A standout feature of Property Management Insider is its affiliation with RealPage, contributing to its multifaceted coverage of multifamily news. This affiliation ensures that the blog remains at the forefront of industry updates in technology, finance, social media, contracting, and more.

Keeping property managers abreast of the latest trends makes the blog an invaluable tool for staying competitive and informed in a rapidly evolving real estate market.

  • In-Depth Coverage Across Property Management Facets:

Property Management Insider excels in providing in-depth coverage across various facets of property management. From reporting on panels at property management events like AIM to offering tips and tricks for creating visually appealing apartment photographs, the blog caters to every dimension of property management.

The articles extend beyond event coverage to encompass crucial aspects like revenue management, apartment marketing, and expense management, offering a holistic approach that can significantly contribute to building and advancing a real estate property management career.


When choosing the right blog, prioritize those with visuals and data-backed findings. Blogs that incorporate informative examples through images, videos, and charts provide a more comprehensive understanding of the content, making the learning experience more effective. Additionally, user-friendly content navigation saves time and ensures landlords can quickly access relevant information.

Top-notch content is a deal-breaker. Look for blogs that address the pressing queries of landlords, leveraging industry expertise to provide valuable tips, guidance, and advice.

All seven blogs with a bonus blog above offer unique features and insights tailored to different aspects of property management. Each blog has its strengths, providing diverse information from real estate investing to legal considerations, financial strategies, and technological advancements. So keep reading and learning to be at the top of your portfolio.