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Clever 10 Tips to Lower Electric Bill

  • October 11, 2022
  • James Beeson
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Finding ways to tips to lower electric bills doesn’t depend on whether you live in a house, an apartment, or a huge rental property. The same rules hold. You may reduce your energy cost wherever you live by reducing your use of water, electricity, and lights as well as by heating your home efficiently.

Finding ways to reduce electric bills frequently doesn’t seem worthwhile. Can we save more than a few dollars here and there, after all? However, by making a few small improvements to your home, you might save as much as 50% on your monthly average electric bill. This might result in annual savings for the typical homeowner of about $700, which you could use for other financial objectives.

Here are a few more innovative strategies to use less energy and pay less for electricity. You can use any one or a mix of all to achieve a lower electricity bill each month.

10 Perfect Tips To Lower Electric Bills

  • An energy audit should be the first step.

Get a general idea of how much electricity you’re currently using before you start implementing any energy-saving practices. You may utilize an internet auditing tool, download an auditing program, or hire a pro to do it for you to accomplish this. Finding opportunities to use less energy is considerably simpler after your completed power audit is in hand.

By doing a regular audit you can cut electric bill by 75 percent.

  • Get off the “sucker” devices.

Even when you’re not using them, these home products use energy, making up 10% of the energy used in the typical home. Therefore, search your home for any appliances like cable or satellite boxes, coffee makers, and charging cords that don’t require constant plugging in. Every month, unplugging them or leaving them connected to a power strip that you can turn off could add money to your bank account.

  • Amount of hot water you use.

Heating water requires a lot of energy. In actuality, it uses 20% on average of the energy in a home. 5 Consider washing your clothes in cold water instead of taking a cold shower to save money on your hot water bill (but, hey, we won’t stop you if you do). In the past, cleaner clothes meant hotter water. No longer; the majority of detergents nowadays are made for water that is 65 degrees or less, which is the typical temperature of a cold water faucet.

Your water heater’s resting temperature could also be lowered. The majority of water heaters are set at 140 degrees, which is 20 degrees too hot.

  • Effectively Clean Clothing and shoes

Your energy expenditures are heavily impacted by the washing and drying of your clothes, but you may reduce these costs by simply altering the options on your washing machine. The Energy Saving Trust suggests that you can save $38 (£28) a year by running your washing machine once a week at a temperature of about 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).

  • Pick Power Saving Lights

Installing energy-efficient lighting is one of the quickest ways to save energy costs. Lighting accounts for 15% of a home’s electricity use, however, the cost and amount of carbon dioxide your household produces can be affected by the lightbulb you choose.

Only 5% of the electricity used by incandescent light bulbs, the conventional bulbs that have been in use for more than a century, is converted into visible light. Compact fluorescent lamps were the first energy-efficient bulbs that were made available for purchase (CFLs). Compared to conventional bulbs, these have a lifespan of ten times longer and consume up to 80% less electricity.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which reach maximum brightness as soon as they are turned on, are once again more effective. When leaving a room, it’s essential to turn off the lights to save electricity. By picking the right power-saving lights you can lower electric bill in apartment instantly.

  • Exploit the Energy of the Solar system

Rooftop solar panels can be used to turn direct or indirect sunlight into usable energy. The semiconducting substance in the solar panels conducts electricity when the sun shines on it. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a single panel may provide 200–350 watts of power under direct sunlight.

Depending on the size of the solar panel array, the cost to install solar panels can range from $6,500 (£4,800) to $8,500 (£5,200). But over time, this investment saves money. Since sunlight is free and renewable, your energy costs will be lower long after the first investment.

  • Deploy smart plugs

Although you may believe that the electronics and appliances you use are energy-efficient, you may be using more power than you realize.

You can plan the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini to switch your electronic devices on and off automatically. It connects to your wall. There are now many gadgets to reduce electric bills and smart plugs are one of those. This is one of the best tips to reduce electric bills.

  • Maintain your refrigerator at a comfortable temperature.

This tip will tell you how to lhow to lower electric bill in summer. Your refrigerator and freezer use more energy the colder they are. Set your freezer to about -0.4°F (-18°C) and your refrigerator to a temperature between 35°F (1.5°C) and 37°F (3°C). By doing this, you not only keep your food fresh but also use less electricity overall.

  • Consider a ceiling fan.

Instead of touching the thermostat if you reside in a region of the world where the summers are hot, turn on your ceiling fans. A fan uses 10% less energy than a central air conditioner, and it may make a room feel 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder.


It is always a great idea to lower your electric bill. Small changes in this direction can create a big difference and go a long way to save money and the environment. As per the U.S. Department of Energy, typical household electricity consumption is largely for the heating and cooling of the house and accounts for more than half the electricity bill. While you cannot control factors like your electricity provider and electricity costs, you can make use of the above tips and can lower your electricity bill. The changes may look small but they can bring a big change in your electricity consumption and thus your electricity bill.