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Delaware Real Estate Market: Updated Forecast May 2023

  • June 5, 2023
  • James Beeson
  • Category: Delaware Housing Market

The Delaware real estate market is constantly changing and transforming, offering a captivating landscape for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. As we set our sights on the forecast for May 2023, we find ourselves in the midst of an exciting shift in dynamics, shaping the way homes are purchased and sold in Delaware.

 Gone are the days of frantic buyer activity and soaring prices. Instead, we’re witnessing a cool-down phase where rising mortgage rates and high property costs create a new playing field. The delicate balance between supply and demand holds the key to understanding the market’s current state and what lies ahead.

 In this exploration of the Delaware real estate market forecast for 2023, we’ll uncover essential facts and figures, revealing the factors shaping the market’s condition in May 2023.

 Current State of the Delaware Real Estate Market

The Delaware real estate market is currently in a state of transition, marked by notable trends and indicators. As we delve into its overall condition, we can gain valuable insights into the dynamics at play and their implications for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Current State of the Delaware Real Estate Market

Sales Volume

In recent months, the Delaware real estate market has experienced a decrease in sales volume compared to the previous year. The number of houses sold has seen a significant decline of 29.7% year over year, painting a picture of reduced buyer activity. In April 2023, 591 homes were sold, compared to 841 in April of the previous year.


The inventory of available homes in Delaware has witnessed a notable decrease compared to the previous year. In April 2023, there were 1,672 homes for sale, representing a 16.9% decrease year over year. This limited inventory makes the overall market in Delaware more competitive and drives up the prices.

Median Home Prices

While the Delaware real estate market has seen a slight decline in median home prices, it is essential to note that the overall movement remains relatively stable. In April 2023, the median home price was $318,700, representing a decrease of 0.14% compared to the previous year.

Market Trends and Analysis

1. Median Home Prices in Delaware

Median Home Prices in Delaware

The median home prices in Delaware have seen a minor decline, from $319,135 last year in April to $318,700 in April 2023. There is a 0.14% decrease in the median home prices Y-O-Y.

2. Homes Sold

The Delaware real estate market has witnessed a significant decline in the number of homes sold compared to the previous year. With a 29.7% decrease in sales volume, only 591 homes were sold in April 2023, compared to 841 homes sold in April of the previous year.

3. Number of Days on the Market

One key aspect to consider is how long a property stays on the market before being sold. In April 2023, the median days on the market increased by 7 days yearly, reaching 17 days.

4. Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage interest rates play a vital role in shaping the real estate market. Currently, the average mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed loan has surged to 7.06%, which is approximately twice the rate of 3.22% observed in early 2022.

 These rates reflect an increase compared to previous periods, impacting buyers’ affordability and financing options. Higher interest rates can potentially deter some buyers from entering the market.

 Most Competitive Markets in Delaware in 2023

Most Competitive Markets in Delaware in 2023

Delaware has several distinct submarkets, each with unique characteristics and trends. Let’s explore three major submarkets: Newark, Brookside, and Pike Creek Valley, and provide specific insights and forecasts for each.

1. Newark

The Newark housing market is known for its high level of competitiveness. Homes in Newark receive an average of 8 offers and sell swiftly, typically within 9 days. In terms of pricing, the median sale price for homes in Newark was $355,000 last month, showing a decrease of 5.3% compared to the previous year.

 The average price per square foot in Newark is $175, indicating a slight increase of 1.4% since last year. Despite the slight decline in the median sale price, Newark’s market remains active and dynamic.

 2. Brookside

Brookside boasts another competitive housing market within Delaware. In Brookside, the latest median sale price of homes was $310,000, reflecting a significant increase of 13.8% compared to the previous year.

 The sale price per square foot in Brookside stands at $193, experiencing a noteworthy surge of 27.8% since last year. These figures indicate a robust market with rising prices, making Brookside an attractive destination for homebuyers and potentially offering good investment opportunities.

 3. Pike Creek Valley

Pike Creek Valley represents another submarket with its distinctive dynamics. In Pike Creek Valley, the median sale price of homes reached $346,000 last month, showing a notable increase of 11.3% since the previous year.

 However, the median sale price per square foot in Pike Creek Valley stands at $152, experiencing a modest decline of 6.4% compared to the previous year. These figures suggest a market that is still experiencing overall growth, though with some localized variations.

What’s Coming Up Next?

As we look ahead to the remaining 2023, the Delaware real estate market is poised to continue its dynamic and evolving trajectory. Considering the prevailing state of the market, and key indicators, we can formulate a forecast that provides insights into what may unfold in the coming months.

Overall Market Outlook

The Delaware real estate market is expected to maintain its cooling trend, focusing on a more balanced equilibrium between supply and demand. While median home prices have experienced a slight decline, they are anticipated to stabilize, providing potential opportunities for buyers in terms of affordability. However, localized variations may exist within different submarkets.

 Additionally, the limited inventory of homes for sale will likely persist, creating a competitive market environment. Buyers may face challenges finding suitable properties due to the constrained supply, leading to increased competition and potential bidding wars for desirable homes.

 Mortgage interest rates are forecasted to remain at elevated levels for the remaining 2023, as the Federal Reserve has recently increased interest rates for the 10th consecutive time within a span of slightly over a year.

 It is crucial for buyers to closely monitor interest rate fluctuations as they directly impact the affordability of homes and overall purchasing power.