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Analysis of Delaware Real Estate Market in 2022

  • August 22, 2022
  • James Beeson
  • Category: Property Management, Real Estate

The economy is seeing many ups and downs, and a lot is happening worldwide. Is it the right time to invest in real estate, especially in Delaware? If an investor wants to make intelligent decisions to invest in the Delaware real estate market, they need to consider some factors. Let us discuss these in detail.

Delaware Real Estate Market in 2022

Before you plan to invest in the real estate market, there are factors that you need to consider about the Delaware real estate market in 2022 and beyond. Apart from the money, the other most crucial factor is the market condition you want to invest in. It is better to know beforehand if the market is healthy. Most markets offer many opportunities, but a wise investor will choose a market that provides the best returns and aligns with his investment plans. At the same time, you should go through our website to understand the Delaware housing market forecast 2022 before buying a home.

The same goes for the Delaware real estate market. If you are an investor who is thinking of investing in Delaware real estate by buying houses for sale there, you need to know the exact market conditions and future market predictions. Up-to-date data is always helpful to analyze the real estate market accurately.

The Delaware Real Estate Market in 2021

Before understanding the Delaware housing market trends in 2022, we must see last year’s market performance. The data collected in 2021 about the market performance is the basis of the present market conditions and predictions from the experts.

During the pandemic, we saw the house market in Delaware crashing, including real estate. We also saw how the industry quickly recovered as people started adopting a pandemic-induced lifestyle. The Delaware real estate market was seen as a seller’s market during the pandemic. Most counties saw a sharp increase in the number of houses on sale and the median property prices.

We can use the example of New Castle’s single-family homes to understand things better. Comparing the data of the past two years, the median price in 2020 was $295,360, which increased by 16.8% in November 2021. Similarly, the number of housing units sold in 2020 was 454, while the figure in 2021 was 477.

Delaware’s real estate market saw an increase in housing demand because of the COVID-19-induced lifestyle changes and shortage of housing supply. The NAR data on average per year construction shows that between 2001 and 2020, there were 276,000 lesser homes constructed in the US. Due to this slowdown, the US housing market in 2022 had a gap of almost 5.5 million homes on sale.

The housing demand is increasing in the US, and the real estate industry needs to construct more than 2 million homes per year for the next ten years to fulfil it. The task appears nearly impossible considering the global conditions affecting the supply chain and the shortage of material and labour. So in 2022 also, the real estate market will be governed by the laws of demand and supply.

Delaware Real Estate Market 2022: What can investors look forward to?

No two real estate markets can be the same as each comes with its unique nuances. If you are seriously looking to invest in real estate, it is essential to understand the Delaware real estate marketing in 2022 first. The industry experts have reviewed how the real estate market in Delaware will be in 2022 based on past data and trends.

Delaware – The hot market for the sellers

The experts believe that Delaware will continue to be a seller’s market, somewhat hot that the investors need to keep notice of. They predict the number of days a house remains on sale will reduce to 40 from a current of 60 in the coming months. The market will pick up fast, but investors should get influenced by this and still check diligently before investing. The buyers should contact a local real estate agent, research the property, and not make impulsive purchases. These two actions will help get a better deal in the Delaware real estate market.

Price Fluctuations to continue with an increase towards the end of 2022

The experts predict that the price fluctuations seen in 2021 will continue till the end of 2022. They are not sure about the level of changes, but the median property prices are expected to rise by the end of 2022 in most Delaware counties. Will the real estate prices fall in 2022 before December? There is no perfect answer to that question.

 Increasing mortgage rates will affect the Delaware real estate market.

By the end of 2021, the industry experts predicted that the mortgage rates would increase slightly but remain lower than 5% by 2022 end. If you go through real estate news Delaware on various reliable real estate websites you will see similar predictions.  Be it about the Delaware housing inventory or the real estate rates, you will see an almost similar forecast.  But the predictions were far from accurate. By the second quarter’s end, the rates had already touched 5%. This increase resulted from the conflicts in Eastern Europe that affected the economies globally. Experts believe that the mortgage rates will surpass the previous prediction of 5%, considering the current global situation and the pandemic not looking to subside. It impacts the dollar’s purchasing power significantly and will make getting affordable housing difficult for most Americans.

Millennials are also interested in the housing market.

Due to the pandemic, people had to make many abrupt lifestyle changes. It also made them rethink their priorities too. Today many individuals under 35 are also considering purchasing a house for themselves. Earlier, the people of this age bracket generally delayed investing in real estate and prioritized other things over a home. Most millennials want to secure their future by investing in real estate and buying a home to live and work from during these uncertain times.


Investing in real estate can be very profitable if done the right way. After analyzing the Delaware real estate market in 2022 you can decide your next step. This investment is way safer and more secure than investing in shares and stocks. Another significant advantage is that the real estate properties only appreciate with time until the market falls badly. There are risks involved in Delaware’s real estate market investments, but it also has many benefits. If you are thinking of investing in Delaware real estate, it would be good to take the help of professionals and online tools to help you make better decisions.