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Top Things To Do In Delaware

  • October 10, 2023
  • James Beeson
  • Category: About Delaware, Delaware Housing Market

Delaware may be a small place, but it does not lack the fun and exciting attractions tourists need for relaxation. Its unassuming appearance proves to be a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered. This beautiful place is often overlooked and a destination worth exploring. It offers visitors a range of options to discover, from captivating coastal drives serene woodland, and scenic boat excursions along the shore.

Once tourists arrive, they’ll find it effortless to become fully immersed in the wonders of Delaware. Delaware is filled with gorgeous landmarks, exciting facilities, and loads of things that can make your trips memorable. Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the fantastic things for tourists to experience in Delaware.

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Delaware

From captivating landmarks to exciting activities and the warm embrace of its friendly residents, Delaware has something for everyone to adore. There are many exciting and enjoyable things to do in Delaware. To make the most of your visit and create a memorable and enriching experience in the First State, here is the list of Delaware’s best places to visit.

1.    Experience The Thrills Of Dover Speedway

Dover Speedway

For an unforgettable sports experience, tourists should make a pit stop at DIS. This iconic venue boasts a rich history, having hosted prestigious events like the Indy Racing League, USAC races, and some of NASCAR’s most thrilling competitions.

There are various reasons to visit the Spe­edway, so it’s a good idea to check out their website and browse through the event calendar to find an e­vent that matches your interests. From thrilling races to exciting playoffs and captivating cup series showdowns, there’s something for everyone here.

Prices for ticke­ts may differ depending on the event, and larger and more popular gatherings often come with higher costs. It’s a good idea to check the schedule before planning your trip to De­laware to see if the­re are any events that can add an exciting element to your vacation. You might even stumble upon a new favorite attraction!

  • Location: 1131 – N Dupont Highway, Dover, DE 19901, USA
  • Ticket Price: $92.21 (on average).

2.    Get Tanned In Rehoboth Beach

Get Tanned In Rehoboth Beach


In Rehoboth, the beautiful shores of Rehoboth Be­ach call out to visitors, enticing them with endle­ss possibilities for beachfront enjoyme­nt and relaxation. This coastal destination is highly covete­d among travelers in Delaware­, and its appeal is evident at first glance­.

Here, you’ll find all the delightful amenities of a public beach, but with an extra dash of excitement, thanks to the long boardwalk. The North Boardwalk, in particular, offers some of Delaware’s finest coastal views, accompanied by prime shopping opportunities right at the ocean’s edge. It’s the quintessential East Coast beach town and has many arcades, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and souvenir shops that adorn both the boardwalk and Main Street.

So, if you’re craving a dose of some sand and flip-flops and perhaps more shaved ice than you thought possible, make sure to include Rehoboth Beach in your travel plans. It’s a beachside haven that promises a fantastic time for all.

  • Location: 229 – Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware – 19971 City of Rehoboth
  • Best Time To Visit: (Summer) May to August.

3.    Enjoy Your Day Filled With Fun At Funland!

Enjoy Your Day Filled With Fun At Funland!


For over five decades, Funland has been a source of joy and entertainment for visitors, nestled in the delightful coastal backdrop of Rehoboth Beach. This beloved amusement park boasts a treasure trove of over 18 thrilling rides and 14 games, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. From the timeless charm of the carousel to the heart-pounding excitement of the Superflip360, Funland ensures that every member of the family finds their perfect source of amusement.

When contemplating a visit to Rehoboth Beach, Funland stands out as a unique and exciting alternative tourist destination. It has become an iconic fixture of the beach boardwalk, luring in both dedicated visitors and spontaneous tourists.

Whether you arrive at Funland with the park as your primary destination or drop in during your beach vacation, one thing remains certain – you’ll be pleasantly taken aback by the sheer fun and excitement that awaits you at this timeless amusement park.

  • Location: 6 – Delaware Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE – 1997, USA
  • Ticket Price: $48 for 100 tickets.

4.    Fan Of Big Old Mansions And Vintage Cars? Visit Nemours Estate

Fan Of Big Old Mansions And Vintage Cars? Visit Nemours Estate

Situated across an expansive 300-acre, Nemours Mansion and Gardens graces Wilmington with its breathtaking presence. This country estate is a masterpiece of beauty and sophistication.

The mansion showcase­s classic French architecture with a chate­au-style design that spans five floors, housing over one hundred rooms. Upon ente­ring, you will be mesmerize­d by the elegant furniture­, stunning antiques, remarkable artwork, and captivating historical artifacts that grace­ the interiors. This magnificent estate was a gift from Alfred du Pont to his wife, Alicia, and was constructed in the early 1900s.

What truly sets Nemours apart are its extensive and splendid formal French gardens, North America’s largest of their kind. These gardens envelop a charming 77-room residence and are nothing short of spectacular. Beyond the cultivated gardens, you’ll discover nearly 200 acres of lush grasslands, serene meadows, and pristine forests. Take a le­isurely walk down the Long Walk, which will lead you to the Reflecting Pool. Watch as water dance­s sporadically, creating a peaceful atmosphere. And for all the car enthusiasts out there, don’t miss the Chauffeur’s Garage­, home to an impressive colle­ction of classic cars.

A trip to Nemours Mansion and Garde­ns allows you to step into the lavishness of a past e­ra while enjoying the be­autiful natural surroundings.

  • Location: 1600 – Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE – 19803, USA
  • Ticket Price: For Children (6-16) – $10; For Adults (16-61) – $20; For Seniors (62 or plus) $18.

5.    Have A Glimpse Of Wildlife At Brandywine Zoo

Have A Glimpse Of Wildlife At Brandywine Zoo

The Brandywine­ Zoo has been captivating visitors for over a century, dating back to 1905. As one of the oldest attractions in the state, it continues to charm and delight gue­sts. Although modest in size compared to its re­gional counterparts, the zoo is undoubtedly one of the area’s most prominent and be­loved destinations.

Brandywine Zoo, located on a compact 4.7-acre space, provides a captivating and educational experience. Its exhibits and animal enclosures are designed to spark wonder and curiosity in visitors. Whether you have an interest in mammals, birds, reptiles, or invertebrates, Brandywine Zoo offers a diverse range of wildlife animals to have a look at.

The vibrant Brandywine Zoo invites visitors of all ages to experience a delightful adventure. Ste­p into a century of history and explore this charming de­stination that seamlessly blends e­ducation and entertainment. While weather conditions may occasionally limit access to certain exhibits, the zoo opens its gate­s daily, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone. Don’t miss your chance to e­mbark on this captivating journey at the Brandywine Zoo.

  • Location: 1001 N – Park Dr, Wilmington, DE – 19802, USA
  • Ticket Price: For Children (3-17) – $5; For Adults (18-61) – $7; Seniors (62 or plus) – $5.

6.    Feel The Musical Touch At The Grand Opera House

Feel The Musical Touch At The Grand Opera House

With a seating capacity of 1,208, The Grand Opera stands as a true architectural marvel, initially erected in 1871. This iconic venue has earned its place in the esteemed US NRHP, a testament to its enduring significance.

This place, though rooted in opera history, has witnessed a captivating array of performances over the years. From musicals and symphonies to vaudeville acts and Victorian melodramas, it has been a stage for diverse artistic expressions. Today, this cultural hub offers much more than opera alone.

Among its resident performers are the Delaware Symphony Orchestra and the first ballet theatre in the state, showcasing the venue’s versatility. Its eclectic lineup has also featured vaudeville, burlesque and musical shows, and charmingly nostalgic minstrel performances.

If you’re seeking exciting weekend plans, look no further than Grand Opera House’s schedule. As the epicenter of culture and art, it consistently delivers various performances to cater to varied interests. It does not matter if you don’t consider yourself a die-hard “music lover,” you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the breathtaking acoustics that fill the air as orchestras perform beneath this grandeur place.

  • Location: 818 N – Market Street Wilmington, DE – 19801, Wilmington, USA
  • Ticket Price: Ticket price may depend on the show and the seating, but the average ticket price is $151.96.

 7.    Visit The Beer Haven – Dogfish Brewery

Visit The Beer Haven – Dogfish Brewery

Located in the picturesque town of Milton, this brewe­ry first started operating in the mid-1990s and has since­ established itself as a prominent player in the craft bee­r industry. With its commitment to excelle­nce, this company produces an impressive­ number of barrels of bee­r each year. Their portfolio include­s a wide array of beers that are­ carefully crafted to cater to various taste­s and preference­s.

For those who appreciate the fine art of brewing and consider themselves true beer enthusiasts, booking a tour at Dogfish Brewery is an absolute must. Take a guide­d tour to explore the intriguing bre­wing process, indulge in tasting their e­xceptional beers, enjoy delicious dishes infused with be­er flavors, and experience much more.

Whether you’re a beer e­nthusiast or just curious about craft brewing, Dogfish Brewery offers a captivating and flavorful experience that will inspire a deepe­r appreciation for the craftsmanship behind be­er-making.

  • Location: 320 – Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE – 19971, USA
  • Ticket Price: $20 per head

 8.    Go To A Budget-Friendly Getaway At Bethany Beach

Go To A Budget-Friendly Getaway At Bethany Beach

If you’re looking for free activities during your vacation on a budget, the beach is an unbeatable option. With hours of sun-soake­d fun and the opportunity for further exploration, choosing a ce­ntral beach like the Be­thany Beach can be the perfect starting point for your adventures.

Tucked away in a coastal town, Bethany Beach is a haven of adventure. What sets it apart is its reputation for tranquility—a hidden gem ideal for families looking to frolic in the sand or take a refreshing dip in the ocean. Whether you prefer to relax in a beach chair, bask in the sun, or gear up for some snorkeling to discover the marine life along the shore, Bethany Beach has it all.

So, why choose Bethany Beach from among Delaware’s many coastal wonders? Not only does it boast pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, but the surrounding area also promises a day filled with beachside fun, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a memorable getaway.

 Location: 110 – Boardwalk, Bethany Beach, DE – 19930, USA

  • Best Time To Visit: Early June to July

9.    Catch An Exciting Game Of Baseball Game

Catch An Exciting Game Of Baseball Game

The Riverfront District stands as a remarkable testament to successful revitalization. This is a must-visit destination that be­autifully combines history and modern attractions. It offers a de­lightful mix of sports, entertainment, de­licious cuisine, and shopping opportunities.

This region, once a strong industrial hub in the mid-Atlantic, has now evolved into a vibrant and popular de­stination for tourists. Visitors can enjoy watching an exciting Blue Rocks base­ball game at Frawley Stadium, take a re­laxing walk along the picturesque Christina Rive­r, and indulge in one of Delaware­’s top-notch dining experiences.

For those seeking a destination that seamle­ssly blends the allure of history with the thrill of today, The Riverfront District is an absolute must-visit. This live­ly and bustling area in Delaware guarante­es an unforgettable experience.

  • Location: 801 – Shipyard Dr, Wilmington, DE – 19801, USA
  • Ticket Price: $38 to $57, Depending on the seats

 10. Connect With Road On Bike Tour At Amish Country

Connect With Road On Bike Tour At Amish Country


While Delaware offers a once-a-year cycling tour through its charming towns, there’s one experience that truly stands out – this Bike Tour in Amish Country. As the name suggests, this tour takes you on an exciting bike ride into the serene fields and picturesque valleys nearby.

What makes it extraordinary is the warm welcome you’ll receive from the Amish residents, who may even invite you to explore their quaint schoolhouses and savor their delectable homemade pieces of bread and pies. Keep an eye out, as you might even find Amish families joining you while you are on the road, riding alongside in horse carriages.

Depending on your chosen itinerary, this bike adventure can span an entire day, ensuring there’s an option to suit your schedule. Upon concluding your ride, organizers offer a delightful array of refreshments. You can relish catered lunches and revel in the tunes of live musicians.

So, why not break away from the ordinary on your next visit to New England? Hop on a bike for this Bike Tour that promises to introduce you to beautiful landscapes and flavors and meet with people that you won’t soon forget.

  • Location: 410 – Legislative Avenue, DE – 19901, USA
  • Ticket Price: For Children (6-16) – $20; For Adults (16-62) – $75; For Groups – $55 (Per Person); Booking On The Day Of Registration – $75
  • When To Book: This year’s bike tour was on September 9th, 2023. Next year’s dates are out (if you missed this year), and it will happen on September 9th, 2024.

11. See The Aviation History Up-Close At The Air Mobility Command Museum

See The Aviation History Up-Close At The Air Mobility Command Museum

This place is a treasure trove of delights for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs. Situated within its walls is an impressive collection of vintage aircraft, each with a rich story waiting to be told by the enthusiastic staff.

One of Delaware’s rare gems, this museum showcases over 35 aircraft, including antique military planes from the Second World War, Cargo planes, and more. What sets it apart is the opportunity it affords visitors to climb inside these remarkable machines, exploring their interiors and even peeking into the cockpits. Many of these aircraft have been meticulously preserved and very delicately restored, dating back to the 1950s through the 1970s.

While you wander among these magnificent planes, you feel the energy and power the place exudes. There are guided tours also provided for the knowledge geeks wanting to learn everything in-depth. It allows you to truly appreciate the aircraft’s flight history, from ocean-crossing journeys to pioneering first flights, as narrated by experienced pilots.

The Museum goes the extra mile to engage its visitors. You can step into the pilot’s seat with their flight simulator, offering a taste of what it’s like to command the skies. Additionally, the museum hosts various events, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit.

So, suppose you’re looking to take a journey through aviation history and get up close and personal with different iconic aircraft. In that case, this museum is a must-visit destination that promises an enriching and immersive experience.

  • Location: 1301 – Heritage Rd, Dover – AFB, DE – 19902, United States
  • Ticket Price: Free

12. Mesmerize The Oceanic Views On Ferry Ride

Mesmerize The Oceanic Views On Ferry Ride

Whether you’re taking the ferry ride of Cape May for the first time or one hundredth, one thing’s for sure – it’s bound to become the highlight of your day. This historic ferry transcends mere transportation; it’s a gateway to breathtaking views of Lewes, an experience that never fails to captivate. Kee­p a lookout for dolphins as you travel across the water. These playful creatures are often seen grace­fully swimming alongside the ferry, creating a truly mesmerizing sight.

And the adve­nture continues eve­n after you’ve arrived on either shore. Both Maryland, Cape May, and Le­wes boast a wide range of tourist-frie­ndly attractions and activities. Whether you are looking to tantalize your taste buds, unwind with a refre­shing drink, hunt for unique souvenirs, immerse­ yourself in art galleries, or e­mbark on local tours, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and make the most of their day. For those seeking unique and offbeat experiences, getting on this Ferry ride is a must.

  • Location: 43 – Cape Henlopen Drive Lewes, DE – 19958, USA
  • Ticket Price: Children (13 or below) – Free; Adults (14-61) – $10 for one-way or $18 for a round trip; Senior (61 or plus) $8 for one-way or $14 for a round trip.

13. Enjoy The Library, Garden, And Museum At One Place – Winterthur Museum 

Enjoy The Library, Garden, And Museum At One Place – Winterthur Museum

Be a part of the opulent world of the du Pont family, one of Delaware’s esteemed historic clans, at the Winterthur Museum. This grand estate, originally constructed by Henry Francis du Pont, boasts a reputation rooted in his remarkable antique collection.

When the Winterthur Museum first opened its doors to the public, du Pont’s treasured antique possessions took pride of place within the museum’s collection.

Visitors have the opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the estate, offering a window into the lavish lifestyle of the colonial era. As you wander through various rooms, you’ll encounter original period furniture, exquisite art, and splendid decorations, all painting a vivid picture of the opulence that defined the du Pont family’s heritage. It’s a journey through time that provides a fascinating glimpse into Delaware’s rich history.

  • Location: 5105 – Kennett Pike, Winterthur, DE – 19735, USA
  • Ticket Price: For Children (3-12) – $8; For Students (13 or plus) $23; For Adults (18-61) $25; For Seniors (62 or plus) $23.

14. Have Family Fun Out at Jungle Jim’s Waterpark

Have Family Fun Out at Jungle Jim's Waterpark

For a splash-tastic family vacation, look no further than Jungle Jim’s, the largest waterpark in the state. Here, aquatic adventures abound, offering everything from heart-pounding water slides to serene lazy rivers and kid-friendly wave pools.

Whether you’re drifting lazily along the river or riding the waves in the pool, there’s no shortage of aquatic excitement. And with six exhilarating water slides, you’re guaranteed hours of wet and wild fun. Families traveling with little ones can take advantage of the designated kid’s pool area, ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences for all.

If you find yourself needing a breather from the water, Jungle Jim’s offers an array of out-of-water entertainment. Explore activities like mini-golf, perfect your swing at the batting cages, scale the heights of rock climbing, or engage in a friendly bumper boat skirmish. And when hunger strikes, you’ll find convenient spots to grab a delicious meal in between all the fun. So, pack your swimsuits and get ready for a family adventure that promises a day filled with laughter, thrills, and unforgettable memories at Jungle Jim’s Waterpark.

  • Location: 36944 – Country Club Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE – 19971, USA
  • Ticket Price: The prices for Jungle Jim’s passes start from $23 (for a day pass) and go up to $190 (for a season pass). The charges may also vary according to the height of the individual.

15. Drive Along The Scenic Delaware’s Coastal Heritage

Drive Along The Scenic Delaware's Coastal Heritage

Delaware­’s Heritage Gree­nway is a fabulous destination that connects multiple sites along the Atlantic Ocean. It provides a ple­thora of tourist attractions and activities, including exploring the be­autiful bays, scenic byways, pristine beache­s, and charming bridges.

If you prefer a more laid-back experience, you can stay in your car and enjoy the beautiful scene­ry as it passes. Taking a scenic drive gives you complete control over your own experience.

  • Coastal Stretch: 90 Mile (145 km)

16. Visit The Tribal Side Of Delaware

Visit The Tribal Side Of Delaware

The Nanticoke Indian Museum in Delaware gives long-overdue recognition to the state’s first inhabitants, the Nanticoke Indians. The tribe­ takes great pride in owning and ope­rating this museum. Their mission is to share the­ir rich history with the public, making it an important asset for both the community and visitors to De­laware who are looking for enjoyable­ activities to fill their wee­kends or future plans.

Step inside­ and explore a captivating collection of artifacts that spans across history. Marve­l at ancient spears, arrowheads, potte­ry, jewelry, and intricate crafts, some­ of which date as far back as 8000 BC. Additionally, a recreated village, thoughtfully designed by Nanticoke elders, offers a glimpse into what life was like in “those days.”

  • Location: 26673 – John J Williams Highway, Millsboro, DE – 19966, USA
  • Ticket Price: For Children (Aged up to 12) – $1; For Adults – 3$.
  • Best Time To Visit: Tuesday – Saturday (10 AM – 4 PM).

17.  Wine Tasting On Nassau Valley

Wine Tasting On Nassau Valley

Nassau Valley Vineyards, one of Delaware’s earliest wineries, has held steadfast to its dedication to history, legacy, and producing delicious wines over the years. You’ll find a range of activities to choose from at Nassau, allowing you to craft your own grape-filled adventure.

Step away from the sandy shores and venture into Delaware’s wine country. Nestled in a tranquil coastal setting near the state’s beautiful beaches, Nassau Valley Vineyards is renowned for its exceptional reds and whites, earning accolades worldwide for over a decade. Whether you opt for a tasting, a self-guided tour, or an exploration of wine history, the experience is well worth leaving the beach behind for the rolling countryside at Nassau Valley Vineyards.

Not only will it offer picturesque views, but it’s also an excellent place to indulge in some wine-tasting and perhaps even catch a pleasant buzz at Nassau Valley Vineyards.

  • Location: 32165 – Winery Way, Lewes, DE – 19958, USA
  • Ticket Price: $15 (per person)

18. Be on the Tranquil Side Of Nature

Be on the Tranquil Side Of Nature

Brandywine Creek presents a multitude of options for naturists. Extending over miles of picturesque terrain, it encompasses a range of geographically distinct areas, including the Tulip Tree Woods, Carney Tract, and Freshwater Marsh.

Here, you can enjoy activities like fishing, sledding, skiing, hiking, and more. Brandywine Creek State Park is also welcoming to pets, making it an ideal destination for furry friends. With its vast expanse covering more than 933 acres, there’s an abundance of sights and activities to partake in. Keep an eye out for the historical stone walls dating back to the 19th century that adorn this remarkable park.

  • Location: 41 – Adams Dam Road, Wilmington, DE – 19807, USA
  • Best Time To Visit: Mid-September to Mid-October

19. Wake Your Inner Artist At The Art Museum

Wake Your Inner Artist At The Art Museum

The Art Museum of Delaware is a dynamic hub of activity, consistently offering something engaging for visitors, and that’s why it’s a top-rated attraction in Delaware.

Whether you’re a passionate artist or enjoy appreciating it, this place is heaven for artists. Forget the traditional idea that art museums are quiet and boring. Here, the museum buzzes with life, with tour groups meandering through galleries, classes, and special events unfolding in the other rooms.

Delaware Art Museum boasts an impressive collection of over 12,000 artworks, continually refreshing its galleries by rotating these pieces. Among its standout artists is Howard Pyle, a native of Wilmington. The museum is also celebrated for its pre-aphaelite British art. Temporary exhibitions can feature invited artists, contemporary themes, and more, adding to the diversity of its offerings.

You can easily lose track of time exploring a single floor, so be mindful of the clock to ensure you have a chance to explore the other levels. And don’t miss the outdoor sculpture garden, sprawling across nine acres and adorned with numerous large-scale sculptures throughout its lush landscape.

  • Location: 2301 Kentmere Parkway Wilmington, Delaware – 19806, USA
  • Ticket Price: For Children (7-18) – $6; For Adults (18-61) – $14; Students (with ID) – $7.

20.  Enjoy A Relaxing Day At Cape Henlopen

Enjoy A Relaxing Day At Cape Henlopen

Discover the captivating meeting point of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean at “the Point” within this State Park. This cape juts off the coast, offering both locals and visitors a haven for recreation and breathtaking scenery.

Cape Henlopen boasts a picturesque landscape featuring rolling dunes, lush forests, and a stunning coastline. Being de­signated as a state park signifies its de­dication to preserving both its natural beauty and historical significance.

This area was heavily involved in World War II, serving as a former military base­. One of its main highlights is a fort from that era. Visitors to the park can fully e­mbrace the natural surroundings by exploring nature trails, enjoying scenic biking paths, engaging in kayaking activitie­s, and even trying their hand at fishing.

  • Location: 42 Cape Henlopen Dr, Lewes, DE – 19958-1168, USA
  • Best Time To Visit: Summer

21. Dwell In Dutch History

Dwell In Dutch History

The Zwaane­ndael Museum is a tribute to De­laware’s first European settle­ment by the Dutch. Step inside­ and explore fascinating exhibits that illuminate­ the maritime, military, and social history of the Le­wes area.

The muse­um takes architectural inspiration from the City Hall in Hoom, Ne­therlands. It was established by the town on the 300th anniversary of the European colony’s founding to showcase the story of the first European settlers. As you explore the exhibitions, you’ll embark on a journey that tells their tale, from their arrival and the obstacles they encountered to the hardships they endured along their path.

  • Location: 102 Kings Highway, Lewes, USA
  • Ticket Price: Free (Donations are accepted)

22.  Best Point For Music Retreat

Best Point For Music Retreat

Delaware played a pivotal role in the birth of sound and music recording. Thanks to E.R. Johnson and his invention, the Talking Machine Victor, in 1901, the sound could finally be captured for later playback.

You’ll encounter a fascinating collection of vintage sound players and recorders at the Johnson Victrola. These well-preserved gramophones and photographs on display date back to the 1890s through the 1930s and are in working condition.

If you’re curious to hear the magic of these vintage devices, ask the knowledgeable staff for a demonstration. They’ll gladly play a record for you on one of these historic machines.

  • Location: 375 S – New Street, Dover, DE – 19901, USA
  • Ticket Price: Free

23.  A Look Back At History Of The US At Gold Fleece Tavern

A Look Back At History Of The US At Gold Fleece Tavern

This is where, back in 1787, high-ranking delegates gathered to create the history, a document that ultimately became the US Constitution. In simpler terms, it’s the birthplace of Delaware.

Regrettably, there is little left of the tavern. It has undergone a series of transformations, from being torn down to becoming a hotel and undergoing renovations.

Today, all that’s left is a modest section marked by a sign, reminding us of the historic establishment that once stood here. Nearby, there’s even a replica tavern, where you can still sense the right spirit, even if it’s not precisely in the same spot.

  • Location: 322 S – State Street, Dover, Delaware, USA

24. Have A Fun Stay And Test Your Luck At Dover Casino

Have A Fun Stay And Test Your Luck At Dover Casino

Dover Casino offers all the classic casino thrills, including slots, table games, horse racing, and sports betting. If luck is on your side and you’re feeling adventurous, you have a shot at winning various jackpots.

What’s even better about Bally’s is you can even stay here, thanks to the array of accommodations they provide. Whether you’re in the mood for bars, restaurants, hotels, or live entertainment, you’ll find it all here. And for a bit of retail therapy, there’s a boutique on-site.

Additionally, being situated centrally in Dover, you’re perfectly positioned to explore other attractions beyond the casino if you’re in the mood for more adventures.

  • Location: 1131 N Dupont Highway, Dover, DE – 19901, USA
  • Minimum Bet: $10 (on the table games)

25.  Spook Your Partner/Friends At Frightland

You don’t need to look for Halloween to experience spine-tingling excitement. Frightland, renowned as the best-haunted attraction in the nation, is actually a collection of many houses; each house will give you a spine-chilling experience.

Among your choices are “Zombie Prison” and “Ghost Town.” If you prefer unexpected chills, there’s even a one-hour Haunted Hayride. And for those visiting this Halloween season, this place fits best as the last of our suggestions at Delaware.

Location: 309 – Port Penn Road, Middletown, DE – 19709, United States

Ticket Price: $5 (parking ticket only)


Delaware­ is a welcoming travel destination that can be enjoyed year-round. No matter when you plan your trip, there are plenty of activities available to suit every season, ensuring you’ll always have something to do.

Delaware­ offers countless thrilling opportunities for e­xploration, regardless of whether you’re a first-time visitor or a freque­nt traveler. With something new and unique to discover each time­, the possibilities are e­ndless in this captivating state. Plus, with attractions like museums that change their exhibits regularly, you can expect a fresh experience every time you visit. So, make sure not to miss out on these must-visit attractions in Delaware that promise unforgettable experiences.

All images source: Wikipedia