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Top Real Estate Websites For Delaware Home Buyers

  • October 11, 2023
  • James Beeson
  • Category: Property Management, Real Estate

The real estate landscape is currently experiencing significant transformation, largely driven by technology. In recent years, the control of the real estate market in De­laware, and across the entire US, has undergone­ significant shifts.

Today, a whopping 93% of prospective homebuyers in the United States utilize real estate websites as their primary resource when on a property hunt. This migration of nearly the entire industry to online exemplifies the pivotal role these websites for real estate play. These specialized platforms streamline the arduous research process, facilitating a seamless and hassle-free experience for those looking for the perfect property in Delaware. In this article, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of the reputed real estate websites available in 2023.

Source: Statista: Use of online website for home searching in the United States in 2018

Source: Statista: Use of online website for home searching in the United States in 2018

Top Real Estate Websites For Delaware Home Buyers

There are tons of websites online for finding Delaware houses for sale, but not every site is to be trusted. There are many reasons for it, getting the wrong information and getting scammed being the top reasons. However, with this list of trusted sites, you can streamline your house-searching experience in Delaware without worry. Here are the top 8 trusted websites for real estate in Delaware:

  • Zillow
  • Century 21
  • com
  • Trulia
  • Redfin
  • Coldwell Banker Homes
  • Houzeo
  • homes.com

1.    Zillow

Zillow stands as a comprehensive real estate platform, complemented by a dedicated app, ideal for individuals in pursuit of properties to buy, rent, or sell within Delaware and all over the USA. Within its user-friendly interface, you gain access to a vast selection of homes and apartments available for purchase or rental, with the added advantage of robust search filters for precise results refinement.


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These listings include a wealth of information, ranging from immersive 3D walk-throughs to publicly accessible tax details. Upon discovering a property that piques your interest, the app facilitates direct communication with the property owner or listing agent. Furthermore, when you’re prepared to engage the services of a real estate professional for buying or selling your property, Zillow offers an extensive directory of local agents, complete with authentic reviews. You have access to FSBO MLS listings and various tools like a mortgage calculator, simplifying the estimation of payments and helping you in the search for buying the place. Currently, Zillow has 3,500+ homes listed for sale in Delaware.

Monthly Website Traffic: 60,001,080

Zillow’s Rating: 4 Stars

2.    Century 21


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Century 21 stands as one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in Delaware, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 1,100 house listings. Here’s what distinguishes Century 21:

  • Global Reach: Century 21’s presence extends across every U.S. state and spans 82 other countries, offering a truly global perspective.
  • Extensive Market Exposure: With a strong brand identity and a network comprising over 14,000 independent franchise real estate brokers collaborating with more than 122,000 real estate agents, Century 21 ensures unparalleled market exposure.
  • Professional Expertise: As attested by previous clients, Century 21 prides itself on housing knowledgeable and highly professional real estate agents, contributing to a seamless and informed experience.
  • Ideal for First-Time Home Sellers: Century 21 caters effectively to first-time home sellers, providing valuable services such as contract reviews, self-listing options, offer management, closing support, and more.

Monthly Website Traffic: 3,105,739

Century 21 Rating: 4.1 Stars

3.    Realtor.com

Realtor.com, an online real estate platform owne­d by News Corp, operates under a licensing agreement with the National Association of Realtors. While it provides up-to-date information, the website has a decent interface compared to platforms like Zillow and others in its category. It focuses on providing essential features without overwhelming users with unnecessary details.


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Realtor.com is a useful resource that provides a direct link to the MLS, giving users access to the latest property listings on the marke­t. It’s an ideal starting point for anyone looking to find a home in De­laware.

Additionally, the platform offers a text-based communication option to connect users with real estate professionals. It also features a pricing tool, enabling users to evaluate how specific property attributes, such as a garage, impact the overall cost. There are over 5,500 listings for houses for sale in Delaware as of September 2023.

Monthly Website Traffic: 41,392,537

Realtor.com Rating: 3.7 Stars

4.    Trulia

Trulia, a dynamic and user-friendly online platform for house-hunting in Delaware, stands out as a robust resource for homebuyers. Its intuitive interface offers an array of powerful features to enhance your home search experience. Easily narrow down your search criteria with our comprehensive map fe­ature. You can specify prefe­rences such as price range, home style, number of be­drooms, and more.


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Trulia, a company owned by Zillow, is an online­ marketplace that focuses on both buye­rs and renters in the real estate industry. Unlike traditional MLS listings, it provides an extensive database, currently comprising 3,500+ house listings for sale in Delaware. Trulia distinguishes itself by not imposing charges on users for essential features like browsing listings, viewing photos, or initiating contact with real estate agents. However, for those seeking additional benefits, premium features and advertising options are available, which entail a payment.

Monthly Website Traffic: 20,764,278

Trulia Rating: 3.8 Stars

5.    Redfin

Purchasing a property through Redfin closely mirrors the experience with a conventional realtor but with a greater emphasis on virtual interactions. The Redfin app and website serve as your primary tools for browsing available homes, scheduling property tours, and handling essential paperwork. Throughout the process, your central point of contact will be your designated “lead agent,” who will assist you in creating offers and engaging in negotiations with sellers.


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Furthermore, Redfin’s platform streamlines the process of scheduling house tours with its agents, often facilitating same-day viewings of homes in Delaware. Notably, the company’s property listings refresh every five minutes, ensuring that you consistently have access to the most current information regarding available properties.

In addition to cost-efficiency and prompt service, Redfin has a remarkable advantage in terms of agent expertise. With over 4,100 house listings for sale in Delaware, you have plenty of options with Redfin.

Monthly Website Traffic: 10,188,869

Redfin Rating: 3.7 Stars

6.    Coldwell Banker Homes

Coldwell Banker Homes, Delaware’s esteemed real estate brokerage, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1906 in San Francisco under the ownership of Realogy. Their service is known for strategic marketing across the listings, which reflects their dedication to providing reliable and professional real estate solutions.

Cold Well Banker Homes

Image source


Here’s what you can expect from Coldwell Banker:

  • Strategic Marketing: Their expertise extends to helping you devise a well-informed marketing strategy. Leveraging precise market knowledge, advanced pricing tools, and access to comprehensive housing data, Coldwell Banker empowers you to make informed decisions.
  • Local Insights: With a team of agents who are local experts, Coldwell Banker offers valuable insights into the current state of the housing market. This knowledge enables you to set the right price for your property, attracting potential buyers.
  • Financial Guidance: In your journey towards homeownership, Coldwell Banker provides invaluable assistance. Services include support with down payments, securing pre-approvals, and more.

As of now, their website showcases an impressive collection of 5,500+ listings, a testament to their extensive presence and commitment to serving the real estate needs of Delaware residents.

Monthly Website Traffic: 2,335,473

Coldwell Banker Homes Rating: 4.5 Stars

7.    Houzeo

Houzeo presents itself as a strong contender in the realm of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and MLS Flat Fee listing services within Delaware, boasting a range of FSBO homes available for sale. This platform caters to buyers seeking homes that align with their preferences. Notably, Houzeo pledges to have your property listed within a swift 48-hour timeframe. Even if you’re a novice to the FSBO selling process, Houzeo’s offer management and showings tool provides valuable support, enabling you to navigate your real estate journey with confidence.


Image source


However, it’s worth noting that some individuals might find Houzeo “expensive,” especially if they are on a tight budget. Competing companies offer similar or even superior services at more competitive price points. Furthermore, Houzeo’s refund policy and additional charges for basic services may render it less appealing when compared to the alternatives in the market.

For buyers, Houzeo is completely free of charge. You can easily register on their website and explore the array of available properties, which currently include over 70 houses for sale in Delaware.

Monthly Website Traffic: 263,729

Houzeo Rating: 3.1 Stars

8.    Homes.com       

Homes.com emerges as a prominent player in Delaware’s real estate scene, boasting a dedicated app and a vast MLS listing database. With over a million listings at its disposal, this platform draws a substantial number of prospective homebuyers. Notably, Homes.com has established partnerships with numerous local MLS organizations, significantly enhancing the quality and breadth of its listings. It’s important to note, however, that while it offers a wealth of valuable resources, Homes.com does not facilitate savings on realtor commissions, which typically average around 6%.


Image source


Key Features:

  • Check Previous Value: This feature permits users to delve into a property’s historical value, enabling comparisons with other properties in the neighborhood.
  • Easy Property Assessment: This site further enriches the user experience with excellent property assessment features and helpful tools for streamlined home searches.

Currently, Homes.com boasts an extensive inventory of over 2,500 house listings in Delaware, cementing its status as a go-to platform for those navigating the real estate landscape in the region.

Monthly Website Traffic: 6,011,590

Homes.com Rating: 4.1 Stars


In today’s rapidly changing real e­state market, online platforms have become the pre­ferred resource­ for homebuyers in Delaware­. These platforms have made property searches easier and improved the overall buying experience.

There are several trustworthy websites available­ that cater to the diverse needs of homebuye­rs in Delaware, whether they are first-time buye­rs, experience­d investors, or looking to sell their property. Utilizing these platforms will streamline­ your property search and simplify your real e­state journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there fees for real estate websites in Delaware?

Yes, the majority of real estate websites in Delaware do charge listing fees to sellers. Some websites also impose convenience fees on renters who wish to apply for an apartment. However, it’s worth noting that a few other websites offer free listing services.

Q: Which realty website is the most reliable?

Realtor.com stands out as a highly reliable option. It is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors and utilizes MLS listings sourced from approximately 580 regional databases. MLS listings are widely regarded as the gold standard for quality real estate listings.

Q: What is the largest database of homes for sale in the U?

Zillow possesses the most extensive collection of homes for sale in the United States, comprising an astounding inventory of 135 million properties. This makes Zillow the ideal starting point for your home search.

Q: Is Delaware a desirable place to live?

Delaware offers a compelling blend of an affordable cost of living and a high quality of life. Whether you prefer the energetic urban atmosphere of Wilmington, the historical charm of Dover, or the lively beach boardwalks, Delaware provides a diverse and vibrant lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of preferences.