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8 Tips For Creating Compelling Craigslist Rental Listing

  • October 28, 2022
  • James Beeson
  • Category: Property Management

Whether you love it or hate it, Craigslist is still a top resource for folks looking to rent an apartment. Here are 8 tips for compelling craigslist rental listings. Some landlords and property managers may avoid Craigslist because the interface is somewhat basic compared to some of the more advanced rental websites available today, like Trulia and Zillow.

However, if you disregard Craigslist, you risk leaving out a sizable portion of the market. Instead, appreciate Craigslist for what it is: a very well-liked platform that offers free advertising.

People frequently discuss their unsuccessful attempts to advertise rental apartments on Craigslist. Take a step back before you lose patience with the website. How well-written were the ads you placed on Craigslist? In our experience, ads on Craigslist that don’t do well frequently benefit from a bit of updating.

8 Tips For Creating Compelling Craigslist Rental Listing

8 Tips For Creating Compelling Craigslist Rental Listing

#1: Utilize Multimedia in a Creative Way

Imagine that you’ve created the most descriptive advertisement ever. People will STILL be curious to see how it appears. Therefore, you have two options: schedule a viewing for each potential tenant, or incorporate multimedia in your advertisement (pictures and videos).

Before they enter the flat, they may get a feel for it through images and video. You immediately do yourself a disservice if you don’t add photographs on Craigslist because many users restrict their search results to only include listings with photos. Without images in Craigslist listings, it appears as though the apartment may not be in fantastic shape. If not, why won’t the owner want to flaunt it?

The most effective advertisements are those that use multimedia in inventive ways, displaying interior and exterior areas. Please make a video tour of the house, then post it on YouTube with a link in your Craigslist ad. You’ll get more quality leads as a result since you’ll be able to tell that people who contact you are genuinely interested in the property you’ve shown them.

#2: Use Illustrative Headings

When looking for rentals on Craigslist, individuals skim the headlines for terms that suggest a listing that matches their requirements rather than clicking on every post. Few people will bother to click on it unless your title is evocative, alluring, and truthful.

Consider using a headline like “Family-friendly 2BR unit in Coolidge Corner, steps from the T” instead of “Great apartment in one of Boston’s greatest suburbs.” As you can see, the former gives a potential tenant very little information on the apartment itself. Still, the latter specifies the size and location and suggests that the home would suit families.

Consider conducting an A/B test if you are unsure whether headlines will be effective: Use two different headlines to promote the same product, and then assess which one performs better (based on the quality of leads and inquiries).

#3: Avoid Using Formatting That is Spammy

Many headlines contain exclamation points and are written in ALL CAPS. Your adverts appear spammy because you effectively yell at potential tenants to catch their attention. Instead, use eye-catching headlines to persuade potential tenants to click and check out your listing.

#4: Create a Comprehensive Copy

Put yourself in the position of a renter. What information would you want to know if you were looking for an apartment on Craigslist? We advise at least adding the following:

• A description of the property’s condition: Is it more aged? Modern? Recently remodeled?

• A description of the property’s layout: Is the design open or closed? Which rooms are the largest?

• What does the advertised rent include? Heat? Warm water? Electricity? Parking?

• What amenities does the property provide? A laundromat? A gym? Outside area?

• Describe the basic terms of the lease: If it is month-to-month or for a year. What security measures will be necessary for the apartment? Initial rent payment? Rent from last month? A deposit for security? Do you need a background investigation? Employment screening landlord testimonials?

• When will the home be made accessible for rental?

• Where is the building situated? Is it close to the main roads or public transportation?

• Does the property allow pets?

This information will assist you in eliminating candidates who would not be interested in renting the apartment based on these standards. Fewer leads may be generated as a result, but they will be higher-quality leads. By responding to common inquiries from applicants, you’ll also reduce the number of pointless emails and phone calls.

#5: Make the Listings Unique

Landlords and property managers frequently design a single basic ad that they utilize across several listings. Avoid using this tactic unless every unit’s specifics are identical! You can only post 20 advertisements daily on Craigslist, and the website may flag them as spam if they are similar.

Additionally, you risk losing the person’s confidence if you use a generic ad to draw them in and they discover that the rental property is very different from what was described. It’s not a good way to begin a relationship.

#6: Don’t be Discriminatory

Ensure your listings don’t break local, state, or federal fair housing regulations. Some people, for instance, do not recognize that this is often regarded as discriminatory and write, “Section 8 is not welcome.” You should not refuse to rent to families with children, with few exceptions. Review fair housing legislation if you’re uncertain about what is and is not acceptable.

#7: Indicate how to be reached

This seems quite apparent, no? It’s incredible how many individuals neglect to add their contact details in their Craigslist advertising, though! The body of the Craigslist ad should contain your full name, business, phone number, and email address. Yes, someone can contact you by utilizing the “respond to” feature on the website. However, providing direct contact information lends legitimacy to the advertisement and eliminates a step from the process.

#8: Once a Vacancy is Filled, Remove the Ads 

A most important tip for Craigslist rental listings

Take down your Craigslist listing as soon as a tenant signs a lease for a particular unit. There are two reasons: The first benefit is that it stops you from receiving too many emails. Second, it keeps people from getting upset when they get in touch with you to find out the property posted isn’t available. People won’t be as willing to approach you about your other listings in the future as they were before that experience.

Landlords and property managers can use Craigslist as a terrific online tool to reach a bigger audience of potential tenants. Make sure your Craigslist ads are top-notch as we approach the busiest leasing season by using these suggestions.