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Top Rental Markets in Delaware

  • December 24, 2022
  • James Beeson
  • Category: Delaware Housing Market, Property Management

There are several factors to consider when investing in real estate. While cash is always the biggest concern, the general market environment is another crucial component of investing. To start with, how stable is the market? There are many chances in basically every market, but in the end, you’ll choose one with the most considerable earning potential while also aligning with your goals.

Investing in Delaware real estate market is no exception. A thorough examination of past market circumstances and predicted developments is essential for people considering purchasing properties for sale in Delaware and transforming them into investment properties. Furthermore, you must look at up-to-date data for a more precise real estate market evaluation. Here are the top rental markets in Delaware.


Delaware could be the place to stay with its magnificent beaches, historical villages, quick access to major metropolitan areas, and breathtaking scenery. It is one of the founding 13 colonies and was the first state to accept the United States Constitution and enter the Union.

Delaware is still the second-smallest state, but with a low unemployment rate, it continually expands its population and economy. It is known as the Pharmaceutical Capital of the Earth because the state economy relies mainly on chemical manufacture, such as medicines. Still, it also has a sizable workforce in the financial and insurance industries. As an extra plus, Delaware is among the few states that do not have a sales tax.

Your investment approach will determine the top seven Delaware real estate investment markets. Coastal towns will be your first choice if you wish to focus on holiday rentals. A purchase-and-hold approach will aim for price appreciation, but someone attempting to develop a cash-flowing rental portfolio will look at house prices and rent.

Our best seven list includes a wide range of Delaware locales, offering something for every investment. Consult a qualified, local real estate agent before starting to invest in Delaware to acquire a better understanding of the market.

Consideration Factors

Growth in population

People relocate in search of better work prospects, schools, and safer areas. A place with no active population growth won’t give enough renters or buyers to support your investment strategy. It also frequently causes a drop in real estate and rental prices.

Real estate taxes

Property tax rates significantly influence the earnings of a Buy and Hold investment. Property-tax-heavy markets will be excluded. Tax rates that are steadily increasing will likely continue to rise. A municipality that often raises taxes may not be the well-managed municipality you seek.

Rate of property appreciation

Property appreciation rates are among the first indicators of a city’s healthy, dependable real estate investment sector. You want consistent yearly gains, not unpredictable highs and lows. The core of the entire investment scheme is long-term investment property appreciation. Locations that do not have growing investment property values will not pass a long-term investment examination.

Rate of unemployment

A high unemployment rate indicates that only a small number of people have the money to rent or buy an investment property. The high rate implies the likelihood of an unpredictable cash stream from current renters. When tenants are laid off, they cannot pay for goods and services, which harms businesses that employ others. Companies and individuals considering relocation will choose elsewhere, causing the local economy to suffer.

Natural catastrophes

As much as a lucrative investment plan is based on eventually selling the asset at a higher price, the look and physical durability of the buildings is critical. As a result, you’ll have to regularly avoid towns that experience severe natural disasters. However, your property and casualty insurance should cover the damage caused by disasters such as earthquakes.

School evaluations

A key factor is school ranking. High-ranked schools can attract new families to the neighborhood while retaining existing ones. The stability of the housing demand will determine your investment plans’ long-term and short-term viability.

Top Rental Markets in Delaware

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a famous vacation destination, although housing values have recently fallen. Homes lost 10.9% of their total worth in 2018 and are expected to lose 2.8% more in 2019. It has had 1.3% year-on-year job growth, with 37.5% expected over the following ten years. Now, while prices are lower, it might be a perfect moment to invest in the expectation of future growth.

In 2017, Forbes rated it one of the top counties in the US for real estate investment. In addition, the county has one of the lowest median property tax rates across the country, making it particularly appealing to investors.


Middletown was formerly a tavern stop midway between Odessa’s Appoquinimink Creek and Bohemia Landing – an appropriate title for a town in between. This little town is about 24 miles south of Wilmington and is famous for its Peach Festival, the Everett Theatre, and the attractive main street area.

However, Middletown may soon no longer be considered a tiny town since the population is increasing by 6.6% and employment is increasing by 2.4%. Residents may choose from many communities with an extraordinarily low average rent of $990.

Dewey Beach

Dewey Beach has always been a refuge for holiday rentals, but there has been a population change in recent years. More seniors are converting their rental residences into year-round retirement homes, causing the vacation rental market to decline. Vacation rental rates increased, making it an excellent spot to invest in.

New Castle

This riverfront city, positioned in the Brandywine Valley and near Wilmington, is one of America’s most prominent colonial communities. Despite its small size, ancient New Castle is a colonial gem full of cobblestone lanes, local stores and restaurants, and historical architecture and landmarks.

Based on its increasing population and employment development, it is a desirable location for tenants seeking a more relaxed, almost rural setting and students at Wilmington University and the University of Delaware. New Castle is a good investment location since the average monthly rent is only $1,884, and the typical sale price is only $188k compared to other Delaware cities.


Newark house prices fell slightly in 2018, by 0.8%, but increased by 3.3% in 2019. Rents are roughly $1,475 per month, while the median property value is $237,200. Unemployment is below the average, and employment increased by 2.7% last year. It boasts a robust rental market, with 58.4% of the inhabitants renting. The basics are all in place for a sound investing decision.


Bear has one of the state’s highest average rentals, at $1,392 per month, while property prices fell 2.5% last year. The employment market has expanded by 2.7% yearly and will grow by 32.9% during the next ten years. It has multiple excellent schools ranging from kindergarten to high school, which draws people to the area.


Wilmington remains a fantastic place for investment. While rentals are lower than in the close Philadelphia area, so are housing prices, attracting tenants from other sites. The median house value is $161,200. Despite its crime concerns, it is Delaware’s largest city, but investors need to be cautious that unemployment is significant.

In Wilmington, above 54% of the inhabitants rent out, which is favorable for investors. Allow a realtor to assist you in finding investment properties to prevent some of the worst regions and ensure you’re investing in a better community.


Real estate investing can be among the highest-paying things a person can do. It is far more secure than equities and bonds. Furthermore, all real estate investments gain value over time unless the market is in a crisis.

Investing in Delaware has its dangers and advantages that other investments do not. If you are interested in investing in one of Delaware’s markets, you should work with the correct financial tools and specialists to make the best judgments.